Touring zoos, rescue centers and conducting expeditions in search of all the species in South America is a great task. ExSitu is a non-profit organization and in order to grow we need of as much support as possible. Some of the ways you can help us are the following:  

Buy one of our photos

For 199.99$ you can pick the photo of your favorite specie and we will print it and send it wherever you choose in a 20cm x 30cm size frame. (Shipping cost not included). If you wish a bigger photo please contact us.

Take us with you

If you have a project and need a team that photographically regist all the animals that you work with or in-field work scenery, get in contact with us and we will tell you the cost and our availability.

Tell us about a project

If you have a project, or know of someone that has one, and you want to fill it with incredible images, ask us about our availability, we will be glad to join you and maybe without any cost and we will leave you with great photos.

Introduce us

If you handle animals under human care or know of someone that does, get in contact with the executive responsible and tell them about ExSitu and let us know, we are always looking for more species to fill our bank.

Make your organization part of ExSitu

If you are in charge of a Zoo, rescue center or veterinary clinic and you are interested to know about all the benefits that ExSitu can give you, besides taking part of divulgation, education and conservation strategies.