How do we take photos?

Our photographic process starts with an evaluation of the individual's health and behaviour towards manipulation. From this assessment, it is possible to establish the best procedure to achieve the most adequate handling of each individual. It is important to guarantee safety for both the animal and the crew.    

Once the animal status is evaluated both by our team and the institutions’ specialist, we translate the animal into the photo studio. On many occasions, is not even necessary to move the animals outside the facilities where they are being housed.
The photo studies are as follows: a uniform white surface accompanied by two or more flashes and diffusers. On some occasions we have to add other elements to the studio such as physical barriers or stimulus to help the animal feel safer. When photographing big mammals, we must use cages or fences as barrier between the animal and our crew in order to avoid accidents. Little mammals and birds are photographed using different sized cloth boxes to provide adequate lighting and space to make the animals feel comfortable. Fish photography is performed in specialized aquariums adapted to supply necessary conditions for photography. Photo studios are adapted to meet each species’ needs.

In addition to ExSitu’s bank of images, we offer support to specialists during their field research work, which translates into the creation of scientific photos to supplement the study.