Photography is one of the most effective resources for transmitting messages. Conservation projects around the world use photography as a tool to build bonds between projects and the general public. However, most projects do not count with proper visual material to support their cause. This is due to several causes, such as the lack of resources and/or a wildlife photography crew.

This is the reason why ExSitu was born. It is as an initiative that looks to create a free-access photo bank. Photos that can be used by both organizations and people involved in conservation projects, environmental education, and science, especially those focused on South and Central America species. ExSitu is an extension of the projects developed by the Tropical Herping organization. It consists of a non-profit project, where the production of photographic material depends on donations from public and private entities, as well as from strategic alliances with rescue centers, zoos, and researchers worldwide.

We want your project to be known and we believe that showing the incredible diversity of an animal’s forms and colors helps the projects get the attention they deserve.


Jose Vieira
Jose is co-founder and CEO of ExSitu. He is a biologist from Universidad Central de Venezuela who currently works as researcher and photographer at Tropical Herping and Universidad San Francisco de Quito. He specializes in the systematics of amphibians and reptiles as well as in photography aimed at furthering science and conservation.

Diana Stasiukynas

Diana is co-founder of ExSitu, she is a biologist from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. Diana works as a field researcher for the organization Panthera in Colombia. Growing up around nature and touring different landscapes in Colombia, Diana developed an intrinsic love for nature, which later on would lead her to work in conservation. Her admiration for big cats allowed her to study their ecology and biology and use them to promote their conservation in Latin America.