How to use our images?

The creation of this ambitious not-for-profit photo bank is the result of a joint effort between our team and the institutions that take care of wildlife. Today, we count with photos of more than 789 species. The use of ExSitu’s photos will be provided for conservation projects after their proposals have been evaluated by our team.

If your project wants to use our photos, it will have to explain first the amount of images it will require and how will they be used. Not all of ExSitu’s images are available online. If your project’s request is approved, we will send a series of miniature images from which you can select the photos you are planning to use. We will then send a Photo Licensing Agreement which must be read carefully and signed.

ExSitu seeks mainly to support conservation projects. However, if your project is in any way commercial, you can request the images under a contract for Commercial Use, in which case we will request a monetary compensation for the project.