Ethical Principles

Our first message is species conservation both in freedom and under human care, this is why our project has make it a necessity to guarantee the photographed animals physic integrity and health above all things. Our protocols have been design and adapted according to the needs of each species and individual that we have photographed and will be adapted according to the needs of species that will be photographed in the future.

In none of our photos were animals hurt or exploited during photographic process, all ExSitu participants and collaborators feel great empathy for animals and are always aiming for Photography making as an experience that ends up in something positive for each individual.  

Through all of the process, our photographers and biologists teams are accompanied by a group of experts assigned by the entity to guarantee the well being of the animals. Our team is always looking for animal well being above all things. In accordance to this, previous to the visit to rescue centers or zoos, a health status measurement is performed to the species that will be photographed with help of executives and trained staff inside the entities. This is usually also performed with the assistance of in-field researchers in order to know what is the status of the species that will be photographed and based on it, take a decision on how to assess all the work.

Tyto alba

Beyond taking care of the integrity of the species we are also concern for the humans we work with, that way we make sure that each person’s integrity, being part of ExSitu or not, does not suffer any kind of harm. In addition to that, we only work with zoos or rescue centers approved by relevant authorities of each country or region. This means that we reserve our right of admission to those centers where we see that animals are kept under bad conditions or are from illegal origin.  

Besides zoos and rescue centers, in ExSitu we also work with researchers in field or in laboratories and for that we require that every research has the proper permits for such investigative purpose and in addition to this, that it has the proper permits for photography making.

In the same way, people involved in the project are committed for the images that were took and used for the project to have as purpose conservation through science and education.

All people involved in this project must commit to the use of ExSitu images with the purpose of conservation through science and education. Is for this reason, that all people or entities that want to make use of our images are required to have a contract with us.